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"Rin" by lifelight

28th May 2016, 3:45 PM in Fanart
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"Rin" by lifelight

Author Notes:

Shirokuro 28th May 2016, 3:45 PM edit delete
"Because Rin-Rin needs more fanart" That is true. lifelight's talent just crushes my heart and to get it from her...just woah.. O__o Thank you lifelight <3


lifelight 28th May 2016, 9:11 PM edit delete reply
You're welcome!! I love drawing your characters! XD <3
kokohan 13th Jun 2016, 10:31 PM edit delete reply
Rin-Rin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Shirokuro 14th Jun 2016, 5:56 AM edit delete reply
yes this is quite beutiful :3